Tropical Cyclone Seroja approaches western coast of Australia

Weather warnings have been issued for parts of western Australia as Cyclone Seroja approaches. The cyclone which formed earlier this week in the Indian Ocean, will bring heavy rain, high tides and strong winds to western parts of the country over the weekend.

Thousands of homes in Western Australia’s coastal Gascoyne and Mid West regions could be destroyed by the cyclone, which is expected to bring particularly severe weather conditions to western areas near the coast later on Sunday.

Local authorities have warned that this extremely rare weather event could bring “widespread devastation” to the areas affected, where housing hasn’t been built to withstand tropical cyclone conditions, with gusting wind speeds of up to 150 kilometres per hour.

Cyclone Seroja is forecast to make landfall on Sunday night near the city of Perth.

Cyclone Seroja Facts & Figures

Cyclone Seroja is currently active, 9th April 2021, in the Indian Ocean. The storm has caused flash flooding and landslides in East Timor and southern Indonesia, where a number of fatalities have occurred. The storm is currently threatening western parts of Australia. It is expected to make landfall in Western Australia on Sunday night, April 11.

The cyclone name Seroja means lotus in the Indonesian language.

At this time, April 9, it is estimated that at least 210 people were killed by the storm, in Indonesia and East Timor. So far, around 9,500 people have been displaced on East Timor by flooding and storm damage and at least 10,100 homes were submerged by high tides and flooding.